Ethical elephant adventure in the wilderness at Elephant EcoValley near Chiang Mai.

What separates Elephant EcoValley from any other ethical elephant adventure or “no riding” attraction?



More than 30 Years of Elephant Experience

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The Only Elephant Culture Museum in Thailand, Maybe in the World!


A family has cared for elephants and presented ethical venues for thousands of people to experience these magnificent mammals. Our new ethical elephant adventure at Elephant EcoValley complements the diverse programs and other elephant-related activities which provide stable employment for the local community and many mahouts.

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Elephant EcoValley works closely with the Center of Excellence in Elephant and Wildlife Research at Chiang Mai University and the Chiang Mai Elephant Alliance to promote the welfare of elephants.

Rest assured that elephants are always in good hands at Elephant EcoValley.


From the fresh tropical juice you receive upon arrival to your souvenir photo in a poo paper frame as you depart, the natural attractions, the learning opportunities, the service, the friendliness, and the genuine thrills never cease. Tour the culture museum. • Learn about herbal treatment. • Make vitamin herb ‘n’ fruit balls and feed them to your new buddies. • Walk through the Lower EcoValley herb garden. • Pose astute questions during the “Ask the Mahout!” session. • Stand clear of the mud bath! Watch the elephants bathe or get wet and wash ’em yourself! • Help make paper out of poo (the elephants, not yours). • Relax to the gurgle of the stream as the waterwheel generates power. • Hike with elephants to the upper valley on the Elephant Trail. Cut grass and plants for a snack for your new buddies. • Plant a banana tree or herb. • Treat your tongue to a tasty gourmet meal. • Come empty; leave full (of great food and forever memories). Check out three half-day or full-day programs at Elephant EcoValley here on our CHOICES page. 


As a committed ethical elephant adventure, elephants are revered and sacred creatures at Elephant EcoValley. Good folks here are taking steps to assure that they survive and thrive as a species. A large part of their continued existence depends on education. Mankind must learn to love and appreciate these gentle giants now. Appreciation comes from close contact plus learning about the extraordinary abilities that make them such charming, marvelous creatures. The museum’s MISSION STATEMENT covers the goal for everything we do at Elephant EcoValley:

Our mission is to share the elephants’ history, their culture, their current environment, and their relationship with the human species — compassionately and scientifically. The destiny of elephants is in the hands and hearts of people. If we understand the past, the present becomes clearer, and we can create a secure future for our gentle friends.

Ethical elephant adventure in the wilderness at Elephant EcoValley near Chiang Mai.

The ethical elephant adventure concept at EcoValley allows you to learn much more about these magnificent creatures when you interact with them. One of our guests said it well:

Walking with the elephants is great. When you ride, you only see the back of the mahout and the scenery. When you stroll alongside, them you see the way they scratch themselves with their feet and all the cool things they do with their trunks.

Our Elephant Culture Museum presents a wide range of topics including evolution, anatomy, skeleton, the logging era, the elephant as a cultural icon, threats and solutions, and many more. One is duplicated below and you can view other samples here on the Elephant Museum page.

walk with elephants to the upper valley at Elephant EcoValley near Chiang Mai.
Ethical elephant adventure: exhibit about no poaching tusks at the Elephant Culture Museum at Elephant EcoValley.
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