Walk with elephants at the eco-travel, wilderness adventure at Elephant EcoValley near Chiang Mai.
Best no riding wilderness elephant attraction in Chiang Mai where elephants are in good hands


When our elephants first came to Elephant EcoValley, they didn’t want to leave!

That might happen to you, too! Experience elephants up-close and personal while feeding and bathing them, learning about herbal treatments, and helping make their herb ‘n’ fruit vitamin balls. At our wilderness elephant adventure, you can walk with elephants while interacting with your new buddies.Tour the Elephant Culture Museum and learn about their heritage, anatomy, amazing abilities, and the profound relationship between these gentle giants and people. Elephant EcoValley lies in a lush green valley about an hour north of Chiang Mai, Thailand’s “Rose of the North”. Choose from two activity-packed, half-day options or stay for a full day and enjoy a gourmet lunch overlooking the mountain stream. 

Walk with elephants
at Elephant EcoValley

Grade school kids touching elephant at Elephant EcoValley In Thailand

meet 'em

You’ll meet your new buddies up-close and personal. Learn about their daily care, herbal treatments, feeding, heritage, and the long relationship between elephants and people.

Guests feeding elephants at Elephant EcoValley in Thailand, one of the program options with Maetaman Elephant Adventure just north of Chiang Mai

feed 'em

A happy herd of hungry elephants will greet you when you arrive at Elephant EcoValley. Feed them sugar cane, bananas, and the nutritional herb ’n’ fruit vitamin balls that they love.

Guests bathing elephants at Elephant EcoValley near Maetaman Elephant Adventure in Thailand

bathe 'em

Watch elephants frolic in the mud the mud bath or get in with them and and get dirty. Then hang out with them for a water bath under the waterfall. Don’t worry. A shower and towel are waiting for you.)

Walking with elephants at Elephant EcoValley near Chiang Mai Elephant Adventure in Thailand

hike with 'em

Feeling adventurous? Hike with the elephants! You can hike from Lower to Upper EcoValley with your own personal elephants on the Elephant Trail program. Harvest snacks along the way for your huge friends.

Elephant skeleton and guests at the Elephant Culture Museum near Maetaman Elephant Adventure in Thailand

tour the museum

Some folks never want to leave the Elephant Culture Museum! Learn about the elephant’s evolution, anatomy, cultural history, and all those things you’ve wanted to know but never knew an elephant to ask.

Delicious gourmet lunch at Elephant EcoValley near Elephant Adventure in Thailand

eat hearty

After you’ve met the elephants, fed ’em, hiked with ’em, toured the museum, make paper out of elephant poo, learned about herbal medicine for elephants, sit down for a delicious gourmet brunch!

Walk with elephants at the eco-travel, wilderness adventure and Elephant Culture Museum at Elephant EcoValley near Chiang Mai.


Some folks never want to leave the museum!

Learn about their evolution, anatomy, and all those things you’ve wanted to know but never knew an elephant to ask. Our mission is to share the elephants’ history, their culture, their current environment, and their relationship with the human species—compassionately and scientifically. The destiny of elephants is in the hands and hearts of people. If we understand the past, the present becomes clearer, and we can create a secure future for our gentle friends. You’ll journey through history, meet their prehistoric ancestors, and experience the touching story of Kham Kaew, our 69-year-old elephant who passed away but has joined us again in spirit and skeleton in her own special exhibit.

Walk with elephants - happy woman feeding an elephant at Elephant EcoValley.


A herd of happy elephants will greet you when you arrive.

The lower Elephant EcoValley is kind of like a park in the wilderness where you can walk with elephants, hang out, and interact with them. They spend about 18 hours per day eating, so they’ll always be hungry when you come, patiently waiting to be fed bananas, sugarcane, and plants cultivated on the surrounding hills and meadows.

Walk with elephants - elephant and his poop, straining and drying poo paper!


Some elephants eat up to 300 kilos of food every day! 

That makes a plethora of poo, about 100 kilos per elephant, and you can help us make it into paper. Take it from Pooter: “Hello! I live in Thailand with lots of my buddies. Every day we eat a huge variety of plants and fruit. Then with our own special technique, we transfer out our “raw fibers” onto the ground, wherever and whenever we want. Then out two-legged friends treat the fibers by cleaning, blending, fermenting, boiling, sifting and drying. Take some home to remember me forever!” (The paper, not the poo.)

Walk with elephants at the eco-travel, wilderness adventure at Elephant EcoValley near Chiang Mai and learn about herbal treatment of elephants.


A wide variety of herbs used to maintain the health of elephants and cure minor ailments are on display. You can roll up their daily nutritional fruit ’n’ balls and then feed them to your new elephant buddies or stroll through the herb garden to see the plants growing in the wild.

Walk with elephants - mahouts giving elephants water bath, guest giving elephant mud bath.


The elephants adore their daily trips to bathe under the waterfall.

Stand as close as you want, but beware of a trunk full of spouting water! If you don’t mind getting muddy, join your new giant friends on the Elephant Trail option in the Upper EcoValley. Afterwards, you can shower next to the mountain stream, and we’ll provide a towel. You might want to bring along a change of clothes, too!

Walk with elephants - happy herd of elephants greeting guests at Elephant EcoValley


Where kids can learn like adults and grandparents can act like kids again!

Set in the lush Lower EcoValley, our Elephant Rendezvous option is certain to enthrall all ages from all over the world. Get insight into the life and history of elephants in the Elephant Culture Museum. Walk with elephants and have a hands-on experience by feeding, washing, and making herb ’n’ fruit balls. You can learn more about this option here on our OPTIONS page. 

Walk with elephants - guests walking to the Upper EcoValley with mahout and elephant


Feeling a bit more adventurous?

Walk with elephants up to Upper EcoValley! If you choose the Elephant Trail option of our elephant adventure, you can hike up to the Upper EcoValley with your own personal elephants. Plant a banana tree or herbs along the way. Be your elephants’ attendants, right in the mud bath! Don’t worry. After communing with your buddies, a cool outdoor shower is in your near future. You probably should bring along some dry clothes, too. You can learn more about this option here on our CHOICES page.

Walk with elephants at the eco-travel, wilderness adventure at Elephant EcoValley near Chiang Mai and be our guest!


Three options at our eco-travel, wilderness, elephant adventure!

You can customize your visit to Elephant EcoValley with half-day programs or spend the whole day, an extraordinary day you’ll never forget. Combine the half-day “Elephant Rendezvous” option in the Lower EcoValley with the half-day “Elephant Trail” option where you walk with elephants to the Upper EcoValley, and enjoy a tasty gourmet lunch as well. You’ll leave full of delicious food and forever memories.

Gourmet lunch at Elephant EcoValley in Chiang Mai, Thailand: Chicken, tuna, or ham ’n’ cheese homemade sandwich, roast herb chicken strips, veggie salad, fresh fruit, chips, and a wide selection of cold beverages served on a shady deck near the mountain stream.
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