Folks from all over the world arrive at Elephant EcoValley through different channels to connect with elephants in Thailand. Some speak directly with us. Others use local Chiang Mai tour guides or companies. And many guests come via international agencies that offer extensive Asian or Thailand travel packages. Let us know your travel plans or dreams, so we can take care of you or send you to the right people. Please fill out the form below ad we’ll contact you ASAP!

Come for a half-day, or do it all in a full-day. You can check out our three tour options right here.

We’re out here in the wilderness, up a steep winding road in the mountains, about an hour north of Chiang Mai, Thailand’s “Rose of the North”. You travel north on Highway 107, then west on 3052. However, trying to walk in would be tricky! Reservations are required.  Don’t worry… We’ll get you here and back safely, packed full of amazing memories.

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Or if you just can’t wait, phone Dao at [66] 86-923-3311 (English) or Usa at [66] 61-234-3455 (Thai)
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Your personal information is private and sacred. We would never sell or share your address with anyone, anywhere, ever.
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